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Kingdom Rise Brewery


This is a personal project that reflects my love for animals, socializing, and saving the environment. Kingdom Rise Brewing Company helps animals from going extinct by informing the consumer about this issue. The logo is of an animal kingdom hop tree. The name Kingdom Rise is for the rise of the animals that are going extinct. The strong masculine font is modern and some what jagged to show a more organic but strong look. This concept came from watching a documentary that discussed the effects of climate change, pollution, and the human destruction of animals. During the documentary there was a man that photographed the last animal of its kind. This was to show their beauty and to have them always be remembered. I wanted to create an overall design for a brewing company whose labels and branding accomplished the same thing.

Here are three labels I designed for Sumatran animals that are going extinct. After learning about the animals I came up with the name of the beers and added some fun facts that show why they are unique and needed on this earth. Each label also explains how you can help. I used bold colors to attract the consumers and used real life photographs of the animals to show their true beauty. I blended nature images and manmade textured images to show the divide and collision of both parts that make up this world as a whole.

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