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Horseshoe Casino


Horseshoe Casino happens to be conveniently located 100 yards away from M&T Bank Stadium; home of the Baltimore Ravens. I am a huge Ravens fan; therefore, I was excited each season to work on the Ravens Action plan. I was in charge of coordinating the jumbo screens, ribbons, print ads, radio scripts, and digital ads. Shown above are the ribbons and digital ads, which were used to encourage fans to attend the casino after the game for a promotion, dining experience or simply to continue the winning party. This allows for a different type of audience, not your typical gambler.

As the Advertising Supervisor, I worked on a one hundred million plus marketing plan that included digital, web, and print. I also had the pleasure of working on projects for our employees. Above is an invitation I designed for a celebration party for our property. Horseshoe was acknowledging the success of being a fully operated casino for 100 days. The design still stayed true to the Horseshoe brand even for a back of house project.

Shown above is an example of a display for our biggest monthly promotion, Suitcase Man. I coordinated with the special events department and outside vendors to get the job completed by the proposed drop date. Suitcase Man is our most popular reoccurring yearly promotion. It is based off of a true story about a man that doubled his money on a hand at blackjack. For this concept I wanted to exaggerate and literally show guests that this is our biggest and most popular event with a giant suitcase filled with money. The inside of the suitcase also tells the story of the suitcase man to remind guests that Horseshoe is all about the gambler and that you can win big here!

I designed, coordinated and scheduled ad insertions for the local papers; Baltimore Magazine, City Paper, Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Business Journal. Pictured above is an eight page spread I created for the Baltimore Business Journal that highlighted our success after one year of opening. After completing this task, I was awarded from Horseshoe with the Legends Club Award in the category Diversity. Working on this project I proudly showed how the casino is very helpful in the community, providing jobs, providing community service and donating money. It was an accomplishment of mine, since only six employees are recognized a month for different categories.

I was happy to show off the casino I work for, for all of Baltimore to see!


Horseshoe partnered with Manor Hill Brewing to create our own beer, Pit Boss Pilsner, which is only offered at Horseshoe. I designed the graphic of the horse and any collateral that went with it. This was a fun project where I could be more creative and come up with my own concept/illustration.

Horseshoe has a legendary collection of celebrity chefs, Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsay, and Giada De Laurentiis. To reveal the two newest restaurants, we dropped three large banners on Russell Street. I was in charge of executing this. I designed the banners, coordinated with vendors to have them set up and made sure it was a success! 

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