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My friend and I started a creative social networking group called Bazaar. The group collaborates with others in various industries, bouncing off ideas that will turn into interactive projects. Members of the group will empower each other's skills with diversity, creativity, and innovation while also supporting each other and helping others in the Baltimore community.

The colors represent what the group brings to the table: passion, creativity, and happiness. The letters back each other up, representing the members of the group supporting each other while growing in their creative fields.

I am happy to volunteer my time for others in my community while doing what I love!

Our first project was to help a restaurant called Mayuree Thai Tavern, a family-owned traditional restaurant in Fells Point. Our plan was to first meet with the owner to set goals for fall 2017. We decided that we wanted to help push their presence on social media and, ultimately, their restaurant overall. We then created a mood board to help guide us when designing the style for their collateral. The restaurant didn't really have a brand without their website and logo, so this was an important step before creating content. Next, we decided to focus on promoting their happy hour specials and catering menu. We captured a lot of pictures of their cocktails and food and even created a short 30-second promotional video. Overall, Thai Mayuree Tavern has become more well known throughout Baltimore because of the content we pushed on their social media outlets and events we organized.

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