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Recently created in Washington, DC, BluDream is a band that will appeal to audiences in Sri Lanka, the United States, and abroad with their unique blend of pop, rock, r&b, reggae, rap, funk, and house music. Main vocalist Sujith De Silva (Sid) writes original songs for the band in both Sinhalese and English, in addition to covering songs from popular culture. The logo has a mouth that sings in an island-style fashion. Although significantly different, the color scheme is akin to rasta colors. To maintain coherence, the font was designed to resemble the leaves in the emblem.

hoseshoe feud logo.png

The game show Horseshoe Feud was created for Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. Though designed with the gambling sector in mind, it is very similar to the game Family Feud. Every Wednesday, guests are invited in to play. I wanted the design to have elements of previous game show logos, such marquee lights, colorful fonts, dynamic perspectives, little rotations, and lively colors. Because Horseshoe's primary hue is gold, I wanted to use the color yellow. I also wanted to use the money sign because guests get to win free slot play.

Dyes Happy_Logo_3x2.png

I made the logo Dyes Happy as a side project because I adore tie dying! The flowing appearance of the logo illustrates how the cloth is dripped into the colored water and how the organic outcome is produced. I created a smiley face to go along with the name "happy" by adding dots to some of the letters to symbolize eyes. Because it was a personal project, it was enjoyable. Creating the logo, packaging, and dying demonstrates my ability to develop a brand on my own!

Kim Alvarado Films_Logo_Color.png

A full-service videography company, Kim Alvarado Films focuses on capturing the unique big day. Kim desired a logo that embodied her character, her identity, and her work.

Kim Review.png
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