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Event Designs

I entered a competition to design the 2016 Firefly Music Festival poster. FMF is an open-air camping event in the summer that has a variety of musical acts, food vendors, a brewery, shops, and artwork. The poster was hand-drawn by me to evoke an unpolished, artistic festival feel. I utilized vibrant colors to convey a carefree summertime vibe, and the pictures depict the people having a good time in the company of music and fireflies. This is the main purpose of FMF!

The town of Ellicottville, New York, organizes a fall festival each year, and each year they commission a poster to be created. I wanted to create my own version based on my personal experiences that year. This weekend's activities are all included in the poster, including ski lifts, a Beatles tribute band, chili cook-offs, pumpkin carving, and drinking at the neighborhood Ellicottville Brewery.

A contest held by Creative Allies required participants to design an LED wall wrap for Echostage, a well-known club. The design's central idea has to honor nightlife, live music, and other aspects of Washington, DC, while also representing Echostage's role in the city. The varied mix of people is united by music, and at a performance, everyone is moved in a way that fosters a sense of community. My design incorporates elements from the stunning city of Washington, DC, while also embodying what Echostage has to offer.

Gemma O'brien was my inspiration for the design. In order to provide the impression that everything in the piece is connected and moving, I tried blending objects with the text.


Despite not winning, I was voted as a finalist as a top favorite from the crowd! 

I had the pleasure of creating the wedding invites for Heather, one of my best friends. Creating the ideal invitation for such a momentous occasion was a huge responsibility that accompanied a large celebration. Although Dean and Heather had different ideas about the design, we all collaborated to create the final appearance, colors, fonts, and upscale vibe. They both cherished the entire invitation package, and I'm glad to say that. Numerous guests also expressed their admiration on the design.

Heather Review.png
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